Love Bracelets

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and what better way to feel that love then to wear something everyday reminding you of what’s waiting hundreds or thousands of miles away ❤️
Whether it be a brother, sister, friend or lover, our bracelets have the unique ability to allow each of you to feel close to one another when distance keeps you apart.

Our new Distance Bracelets are made with beautiful teal and white stones. When you order, you will receive two bracelets. One bracelet is all teal and the other is all white, with the distinct detail that each bracelet has one stone from the other. This way you can have a piece of each other and feel connected at all times.

Give your loved one this thoughtful gift and refuse to let distance come between you two. It really is the perfect gift!

With each order you will receive 2 Bracelets:
  • One White vein bracelet with 1 matte teal bead
  • One vein teal bracelet with 1 white vein bead
One size will fit all!
Bracelet size: 6-6.5 inches

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